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Nancy E. Sheppard


About the Author

Nancy E. Sheppard is an award-nominated nonfiction author, historian, public speaker, and photojournalist.


Her publication credits include: The Airship ROMA Disaster in Hampton Roads (The History Press, 2016), Hampton Roads Murder & Mayhem (The History Press, 2018), Lost Attractions of Hampton Roads (The History Press, 2019), as well as numerous newspapers, magazines, and other publications. Her photography work has been featured on the website for the United States Navy as well as in several books and newspapers.

   Ms. Sheppard previously held an appointment as a voting member of the York County (Virginia) Historical Committee. She also spent several years working with the weekly newspaper, Yorktown Crier-Poquoson Post, serving as staff writer, photojournalist, social media manager, and as editor-in-chief.

   Aside from her work, Ms. Sheppard is passionate about historic preservation, and the awareness of and advocating for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Epilepsy, craniofacial birth defects, special education rights, and mental health. She enjoys urban and rural exploration, various art mediums, and spending time with her husband and children.

Published Works

The story flows smoothly, which make it an entertaining read. This is an excellent historical narrative. I recommend it to local Hampton Roads history enthusiasts. This text is also of interest to aeronautic engineers and naval architects, because it is a window to the history of these professions.

Donald Rickerson,

Amazon.com Review

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    On February 21, 1922, the U.S. Army dirigible, ROMA, crashed in Norfolk. Killing 34 of the 45 brave officers, crew, and civilians on board, this was the single deadliest disaster of a U.S. hydrogen airship.
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